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I-39100 Bolzano
Via Mitterhofer 1
T +39 0471 246 111
F +39 0471 935 614
Part. IVA IT00604830216
Cap. Soc. € 516.460
REA N. 88852 BZ

Online Folder

System Partner


International shipments

We offer well organized collection, distribution and storage logistics with short and optimally planned delivery times and quick shipment information. It is our main concern to package goods in an intelligent and cost saving way and to keep our vehicle fleet modern and up-to-date.
How do we manage that all over Europe?
It is thanks to our correspondents who live in every region of Europe and therefore know their country by heart. In this network, which has a solution to every problem, we can handle transnational piece goods shipment as well as full or partial consignments.
Furthermore, Brigl works with other partners like CargoLine, CDS or Palletways. By using systemised transport we can guarantee an optimal goods circulation which in turn saves money and time on the road.
Does your client need to deliver goods in 24/48/96 hours? Or on a regular set date? No problem! For express service we and our system partners can guarantee fast delivery. Your consignment will be delivered over night to a central distribution center and will reach the recipient the next day.
For more information please contact our personnel in charge.

BRIGL AG | I-39100 Bolzano | Via Mitterhofer 1
T +39 0471 246 111 | F +39 0471 935 614 | info@brigl.it | Part. IVA IT00604830216 | Shr. Cap. € 516.460
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